• Leaders in, and strong advocates for quality early childhood education for every child.
    Our focus in on the holistic development of the child – A balanced and all rounded approach encompassing intellectual, physical, emotional and social development, thereby anchoring the learning for application to real life and not just learning for the sake of learning.
  • Our reality based Montessori approach facilitates the development of learning habits and life skills that will sustain through the various stages of life.


  • Reality based Montessori Philosophy
  • Excellence
  • 3 way Partnership between Teacher, Child and Parent
  • Fairness
  • Fun
  • Respect for yourself, each other and the environment
  • Progress


Veno Pillay is a Primary School Teacher with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa as well as a Montessori Diploma (Elementary). She has completed Certification in Early Childhood Education, Introduction to Educational Psychology Certificate and Psychology 102 Educational Psychology.

Her experience includes having taught children ages 5 to 13 a variety of subjects including Maths, English, Afrikaans & Humanities at Primary Schools in South Africa.

Veno taught in a Montessori School; ages 4 to 9 before starting her own reality based Montessori School (ages 2 to 13 years) in Johannesburg in 2002, (currently operational). She has taught in the international market at the British School of Bucharest, formulating skills to teach children whose native languages were diverse but attended an English medium school.

In Zug, Switzerland she taught at a Montessori School, children aged 1 to 7. During this she realised that there was a need to establish a well-run organisation for children and parents, that met the developmental and life-skills needs in a fun yet constructive, organised and respectful manner.

Aline Arnold FaBe EFZ
After having worked full time at Kita Lifestyle Educare since it’s inception, Aline is now our Substitute Teacher while she completes her Primary School studies .
Aline has experience executing our reality based Montessori approach with children up to school going age.

Barbara Almeida graduated with her Fachfrau Betreuung Kind EFZ in July 2017. Barbara, Veno and Joelle have previously worked together.
Barbara has work experience with Toddlers and Children up to school going age.
Barbara has supplemented her learnt Montessori Pedagogy and Practice with further studies; A Montessori AMI Diploma 2.5 to 6 years. Barbara will train Apprentices from August 2019.

Joelle Feierabend graduated with her Fachfrau Betreuung Kind EFZ in July 2018. Under Veno’s tutelage, Joelle learned and practiced the essence of reality based Montessori Pedagogy. Joelle has work experience with Toddlers and with children up to school going age.
Joelle will train Apprentices from August 2019.

Washington Sales finished his internship in July 2019. He completed his Preparatory School Year Studies part time through BKE in Zurich. Wasingthon is receiving an on site education to practice reality based Montessori. Washington is enrolled as a Fachmann Betreuung EFZ, August 2019 to July 2022.

Alessia Cole is a British Canadian. She joined in May 2018 and has grown and developed into the role of a valuable team member with onsite training and practice of reality based Montessori Pedagogy. Alessia has an Early Childhood Education Qualification (CACHE Level 3 Early Childhood Education UK) as well as an Advanced Diploma in Baby Care.

Mirjam Kajic has completed her half year internship in July 2019. She is receiving an on-site education to practice reality-based Montessori. Mirjam has enrolled in her second Apprenticeship, as Fachfrau Betreuung EFZ August 2019 to July 2022. Mirjam has successfully completed her first apprenticeship as a sales assistant.

Janine Brand successfully completed her Fachfrau Betreuung EFZ in July 2017. She has work experience with toddlers and children up to school going age. Janine’s participation in onsite reality based Montessori Workshops will complement her education base. Janine completed her vocational baccalaureate in July 2019.

Ruby Pendered comes from England and grew up in Switzerland. She speaks English and German fluently. Ruby started her training as a Fachfrau Betreuung EFZ in August 2017. Ruby will complete her 3rd year of Fachfrau Betreuung EFZ and do in-house reality-based Montessori Workshops at Kita Lifestyle Educare.

Melina Lussmann started her internship in August 2019. Melina will be trained by a FaBe EFZ and will also practice Montessori pedagogy with guidance. She enjoys working with children and is looking forward to gaining new experiences and expanding her knowledge.