Extramural – Sunshine Yoga

Sunshine Yoga 

Yoga is an amazing activity for kids to get into.
SunshineYoga teaches GroovyKids™ Yoga to the little ones.

  • It is the ultimate way to develop children’s strength, flexibility and coordination with super fun Yoga Sessions designed to develop all these skills in children.
  • Yoga can help increase kids focus, concentration, strength and balance through movement.
  • Confidence and awareness is built by providing a non-judgmental and competition free and safe environment where the children are allowed to be children and express themselves.

In our 30 minutes Tuesday afternoon classes:

  • We first practice with the very enthusiastic little ones who call me Yoga, and I adore them for their way of relating to me.
  • We start each class with our Groovykids song.
  • They laugh when we imitate a giraffe or a penguin, but especially when we roll back and forth in a ball and try to kiss our knees. The favourite is the London Bridge pose when they can crawl under 2 tiny or 1 tiny and 1 giant human bridge.
  • The next class is with the next age group who can do a lot more.
  • For them it is not a problem to do a proper tree pose, or count to ten while doing a proper sun salutation. Of course the London Bridge, ‘crawling on the wall like monkeys’ and the headstand are the absolute favourites.
  • We finish each class with 2 to 3 minutes meditation depending on their mood. Each class is different in a way, depending on their mood, weather or if they slept enough, and I always try to listen to their needs whether it’s a hug or when they proudly want to show what they can do.
  • During our 1 hour each week we laugh a lot together, we have fun and I make sure that all of them leave happy, looking forward to the next Tuesday.