A time and a Place for it.
Something unheard of yesterday is common place today.
A 6-month-old baby sat in front of an iPad while the parents have dinner and socialize. (True event). Children on an aeroplane, train or in the car with their eyes glued to a screen oblivious to conversation or the outside world.
Have you ever watched a child sat in front of a tv or a device?
Have you ever wondered why they can sit for hours just glued to a screen?
They sit completely spaced out. Let’s face it, adults do too and nothing, but nothing will get you off that couch away from the tv.
Parents, years ago when the tv games made its appearance thought, thank goodness, a harmless way to keep the kids occupied. Studies and observations showed that the kids that spent unacceptable time on these devices developed constantly moving thumbs – even when they were not on the device.
We get that in the busy world of today, parents need their down and quiet time. Of course, you should not be entertaining your child 24/7. What you do need to do is teach your child from the outset to occupy himself, be it with quiet time or finding something to do among the vast array of toys, puzzles, books, crayons, etc. you have bought for them or just talking to each other. The tv or other technology is a quick fix, but it is not establishing the tools to stop your child saying, “I am bored,” or to learn to constructively use their time.
Technology has its uses, don’t get us wrong. But it is just that. Use it for the purpose it is meant for. We educate the children about technology and it is used sparingly in the environment for songs, dance moves, short videos and in time to teach typing skills.
Too much of technology turns your brain to mush is what we say to the kids.
Half and hour of tv, 10 minutes if it is cartoons, games or iPad is sufficient.
Now there will always be arguments for both sides. We find that in terms of all-round development our argument that technology has its place and should not supplant everything else or be the focal point is the constructive healthy pathway for our children.