Bilingual – English and German

Science, Constructive Art & Art Programme


Operating on the principle of freedom within limits, our Montessori approach to learning inspires children to work at their own pace, alone or with others.

  • Trained Montessori teachers encourage the growth of self-motivated, independent children.
  • Self-directed learning, small group collaboration or peer teaching is used.
  • Classes are comprised of a range of ages and abilities.
  • Older, more experienced children take on the role of peer mentors, reinforcing their own skills and leadership responsibilities.
  • Younger children, enjoy the daily stimulation of older role models.
  • Children of all ages learn to respect each other in a warm atmosphere of acceptance and joy.

The focus of the Montessori approach is for:

  • each child to realise their full potential
  • to develop a love for learning
  • Learning that allows for that knowledge to be applied to understanding situations and for problem solving.

The approach, however, recognises that knowledge is not only intellectual, but the sum of intellectual, physical, emotional and social capability.

Montessori introduced Exercises in Grace and Courtesy in reaction to the young child’s need for order.

  • The child has a need to know and to absorb the social structures to be comfortable and confident.
  • He acquires the vocabulary, actions, and steps to build his awareness and responsiveness of those around him.
  • He builds a better sense of orientation in his social structure.
  • Grace and Courtesy is incorporated into everyday life making social interaction comfortable.

This is the foundation of our education and interaction at Lifestyle Educare.



Hours of Operation?

  • Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 18h30.
  • Teachers on duty for receiving as well as handing children over to parents or designated pick up person in the evening.

Care Programme

  • Full-day care
  • Half-day care
  • Required attendance: 2 full days minimum

Daily Structure

  • Arrival and Breakfast until 9.00 – Free play
  • 9.00 – 12.00 Z’nüni supervised by teachers, Circle time and Montessori Morning Cycle
  • 12.00 – 13.00 Clean and Wash up, Lunch and Lunch Clean up & Personal Hygiene Activities.
  • 13.00 – 14.00 Rest and Relaxation time supervised by staff. (Toddlers and Nido will alter times as needed.)
  • 14.00 – Pick up time: Varied indoor and outdoor activities as well as Zvieri and clean up.


  • Summer 3 Weeks (1 week of this is paid Holiday Care as needed)
  • Christmas and New Year 2 Weeks


Children will be placed in 3 mixed age groups:


School accepts children from 6 months old up until school going age.

Staff with relevant qualifications will oversee each mixed age group. The layout of the classrooms will differ according to the needs of the group. The Montessori Areas detailed below will be the same but the range of concrete materials for each section differ. The child develops and enhances his academic, social and emotional growth at his pace. The teacher provides guidance and encouragement.

Nearly everything within the walls of our Montessori classroom is child-sized. Children “work” with authentic Montessori materials.

  • A wide range of high-quality, age-appropriate materials—objects such as wooden blocks, sand trays, textured fabrics, and glass beads, to name just a few
  • All of the materials are designed to be self-teaching
  • Children learn to solve problems, see natural connections in knowledge, learn skills related to practical living, and therefore, expand their imaginative thinking
  • Teachers present to, observe and assist when necessary
  • Relevant material is placed sequentially on child height shelves
  • Most materials are self-correcting so children learn from mistakes without the teacher
  • Control of error materials fosters independence

Practical Life Area:

  • opportunities to develop his fine and gross motor co-ordination
  • Skills to promote independence
  • Increases level of concentration
  • Satisfies a need for order
  • Preparation to complete everyday care of self tasks.

The Sensorial Area:

  • ordered equipment provides the child with sensory-motor activities designed to develop the five senses
  • senses are isolated for an intense experience
  • develops the child’s muscular co-ordination
  • direct and indirect experiences in the mathematics, reading and science areas

Language Area:

  • English, German and sometimes Childs’ mother tongue is used to communicate
  • Development of strong and varied communication skills
  • Interaction with materials, peers and teachers during sensitive period for Language Learning
  • English and German for both native and non-native speakers will be promoted
  • language concepts are introduced from the basic Syncretic Speech called Holophrase stage in the Toddler Environment to Telegraphic Speech stage
  • Vocabulary and a language base is established for comprehension and conversation
  • The alphabet is introduced using phonic sounds
  • Early reading
  • The child is also introduced to some early grammar

Mathematics Area:

  • Exploration and understanding of number using specific concrete materials
  • Pertinent vocabulary introduced in the Toddler Environment is further developed
  • Number concepts as well as quantification
  • Understanding of 4 basic operations
  • Initial presentations of concepts using specific materials by teacher
  • Child cements his understanding continuing to work independently with materials

Cultural area:

  • Exploration of the World using varied materials.
  • Concrete materials in Geography, Science, Botany, Zoology, History, Art and Music
  • Visits and experiencing of subject matter wherever possible

German Area:

  • Materials that are specific to understanding and learning concepts in German.


  • Newly Built Spacious sunlit 350 square m (Ground and First Floor ) with large windows
  • Fenced Private Playground plus access to Forest and 3 other Playgrounds within walking distance
  • Fully Equipped with Montessori Material
  • Movement Room
  • Individual Modern Garderobe for each child
  • Sleep and Rest areas, Kitchens, Activity Rooms
  • 6 Toilets and wash areas


  • Morning Snack (Znüni)
  • Hot Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack (Zvieri)


  • Visitor Parking for Short Term Stay to walk child to Teacher
  • Metered Parking (across from KiTa) for Long Term Stays
  • Baar Brauerei Bus Stop 20m


  • Music
  • Baking & Cooking
  • Construction and Building
  • Science Explorers
  • Forest
  • Ball Skills
  • Football *
  • Swimming *
  • Pony Riding *
  • Gym
  • Theatre
  • Dance *
  • Playball *
  • Yoga *
  • Hopp-la Baar

*Externally provided at a cost